Custom Accumulair Titanium 2250 (Min Order 4)

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Minimum Purchase:
4 units
Product Description

Did you leave your custom filter in use for too long and need a fresh filter quickly? Don't fret for we typically build and ship our custom filters within 3 business days.


Need a custom air filter size and want the best? The Accumulair Titanium Filter is designed for those who strive for the best. The Titanium is the top of the line furnace filter offered by Accumulair. It features mini-pleats that are electrostatically charged for maximum filtration AND efficiency. The Accumulair Titanium is the ideal choice for households subject to severe allergies. 

  • MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) rating: 13

  • APR (Accumulair Performance Rating): 2250

  • Optimal up to 3 months (depending on frequency of use of your furnace or a/c)



  • Minimum 4 filters per order
  • Regular (under 30" for height and/or width): $27.99/ea
  • XL (over 30" for height and/or width): $31.99/ea


Accumulair products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. 




Please note: Custom air filters are built to your specifications and thus are not eligible for refund/exchange.