About Us

Based in NW Florida and Alabama, The Filter Market has been servicing the residential, medical, commercial air filtration marketplace in North America since 2000. We offer top-tier air filtration products and resources that provide quality, comfort, and relief to our family of over 25,000 satisfied customers in all 50 states and Canada. Filter Market was one of the first companies in the United States to offer all varieties and sizes of Filtrete ™ furnace filters directly from 3M. Today, with over 1200 in-stock sizes of Filtrete™, DuPont™, Arm & Hammer™ and Accumulair™ products, Filter Market has the filter you need to maintain your furnace and provide a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. We also have the ability to make any custom filter to fit your unique needs. Filter Market pioneered our mindR™ and e-mindR™ service has which allows our customers to obtain regular delivery of air filtration products as well as timely reminders and tips on furnace maintenance during seasonal shifts and other events affecting the quality of the air you breathe.


At Filter Market, personalized service and customer care is our specialty. Click here to see what our customers say about us. We are an employee owned company that takes significant pride in the quality of our product offerings. Whether your filtration needs are general health, allergy, medical, indoor air quality requirements, furnace maintenance programs, or simply a reminder to change your air filters at home on a regular basis, we will be standing by to assist you. Contact us Here!


Our Store

Filter Market is an online marketplace that is open 24-7. You can expect a response to any online inquiry within one business day.