Aftermarket Filtrete FAPF03 Air Purifier Replacement Filter

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Product Description

Keep your Filtrete Ultra Clean at top performance. These after-market filters are a smart and cost-effective alternative for your 3M Room Air Cleaner.  

Replaces: 3M Filtrete FAPF03

Size: 11.6" x 21.1" x 1"


  • These aftermarket filters replace are a cost-effective alternative to the 3M Filtrete filters.
  • Fits the Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier Models: FAP03

Easy to install

  • No tools or awkward handling.
  • See unit manual for easy, step by step instructions.


  • New, plastic wrapped filters carry an electrostatic charge that effectively captures particles less than 1 micron in size.
  • Take advantage of this charge, as it diminishes over time.


  • MERV 13: 99.9% effective at capturing large particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris.
  • Also captures particles like: Household dust, bacteria, smoke, smog, and particles that can carry viruses.
  • Attracts and captures particles that can carry odors.
  • Replace every 3 months for max performance.